Halloween Recipe

Halloween Recipe

Witches Hands!


1. First gather together all your ingredients:

2. Start by using the smarties or M&M’s to create the witches finger nails. Choose what colour finger nails you’d like your witches hand to have – we went for multicoloured – and put a sweet in each of the four fingers and thumb of the plastic glove. Make sure the glove is clean!

3. Next you need to prepare your popcorn to fill up the hand. You can use plain or flavoured popcorn. Either buy the popcorn ready-made or add flavour to plain popcorn. We added sugar and cinnamon to ours. Yummy! Or you could add chocolate powder, or anything you fancy!

4. Once your popcorn is ready, fill up the plastic glove making sure you get the popcorn in all the fingers and that you have a nice round hand, but leave an inch of the glove empty at the top.

5. Finally use your ribbon or string to tie the glove closed to keep all that yummy popcorn inside.

And now you have a creepy but delicious witches hand to scare everyone with this Halloween!


Halloween Fact!

Did you know the largest pumpkin ever recorded in the world weighed in at a whopping 850kg!

That would weigh the same as almost 100 baby Florence’s!



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