Happy Halloween!

October 31st, 2012

Did you know? This Wednesday the 31st October is Halloween.

Rohini and her friends are all set to celebrate Halloween – are you planning on enjoying this spooky holiday as well?

Originating in ancient Celtic Ireland, this holiday is most popular is the United States of America but is now celebrated widely in many countries around the world.

There are many Halloween traditions…

Dressing up!
It is popular on Halloween to wear fancy dress. People often dress up as witches, cats, ghosts or even their favourite TV character. What do you think of Rohini, Bugle, Florence and Jackson’s costumes?

Pumpkin Carving
Have you tried making a lantern out of a pumpkin? You can have lots of fun drawing a face on a pumpkin and asking an adult to carve the face into the pumpkin. By putting a light inside the scooped-out pumpkin you can watch its face glow!

Trick or Treat!
On the evening of Halloween it is common in America and in the UK to knock on the doors of neighbours in your fancy dress costume to ask for a treat. Have your trick ready in case they ask to see it! It is very important that you only ever go trick or treating with a parent or adult you know – and always brush your teeth really well after eating all that candy!

Fun & Games…
There are lots of fun games you can play this Halloween if you are having a party. The most traditional Halloween game is apple bobbing. You have to try and get an apple out of a bucket of water using only your teeth. It’s pretty difficult – see if you can do it without getting wet!

So have lots of fun! And click here to check out our recipe for spooky Witches popcorn hands and other fun Halloween activities…

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Halloween Colouring Sheet

October 30th, 2012

Please click on the image above to download the colouring sheet.


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Halloween Recipe

October 29th, 2012

Halloween Recipe

Witches Hands!


1. First gather together all your ingredients:

2. Start by using the smarties or M&M’s to create the witches finger nails. Choose what colour finger nails you’d like your witches hand to have – we went for multicoloured – and put a sweet in each of the four fingers and thumb of the plastic glove. Make sure the glove is clean!

3. Next you need to prepare your popcorn to fill up the hand. You can use plain or flavoured popcorn. Either buy the popcorn ready-made or add flavour to plain popcorn. We added sugar and cinnamon to ours. Yummy! Or you could add chocolate powder, or anything you fancy!

4. Once your popcorn is ready, fill up the plastic glove making sure you get the popcorn in all the fingers and that you have a nice round hand, but leave an inch of the glove empty at the top.

5. Finally use your ribbon or string to tie the glove closed to keep all that yummy popcorn inside.

And now you have a creepy but delicious witches hand to scare everyone with this Halloween!


Halloween Fact!

Did you know the largest pumpkin ever recorded in the world weighed in at a whopping 850kg!

That would weigh the same as almost 100 baby Florence’s!


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It’s National Poetry Day!

October 4th, 2012

Poem about Rohini Molini for National Poetry Day

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Children’s Book Week

October 1st, 2012

This week is National Children’s Book Week. Running from 1-7 October children’s book week is a great event devised to get everyone reading their favourite children’s books and enjoying their favourite kids lit characters.

You can visit www.booktrust.org.uk for more information and activities to help you get involved.

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Say Hello to Rohini Molini!

August 20th, 2012

We have just launched our new children’s book series – ‘The Worldwide Adventures of Rohini Molini: A Short Trip to…’

The books see Rohini, along with her dog Bugle and pals Jackson and Florence, magically travel around the world in order to find out about faraway places, strange objects, unusual animals and why things do what they do!

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